Review Of Volume Pills: The Truth About Increasing Ejaculate Volume And Its Benefits

  • Review Of Volume Pills: The Truth About Increasing Ejaculate Volume And Its Benefits
  • Review Of Volume Pills: The Truth About Increasing Ejaculate Volume And Its Benefits
  • Review Of Volume Pills: The Truth About Increasing Ejaculate Volume And Its Benefits

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Feeling more manly in the bedroom – is there anything you could do about it? Apart from strengthening your sexual performance, there’s one more thing you can potentially focus on – your orgasms.

Intensifying your orgasms is all about more powerful ejaculations and increasing the volume of your load. If there’s more semen to get out there, the contractions will last longer and you will have much more powerful orgasms.

Supplements can be used to accomplish the goal. One of the most prominent names on this market is Volume Pills. The product has been around for a relatively long period of time and it’s been tested by thousands of men through the years.

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What is Volume Pills?

As the name suggests, this is a natural supplement aimed at increasing the volume of ejaculate. Its formula is based on natural compounds and herbals capable of improving the functioning of the prominent glands responsible for semen production.

According to the supplement’s official information, Volume Pills can be used to accomplish the following:

  • Experience a massive increase in ejaculate volume
  • Get to benefit from more powerful orgasms and intensified sensations during sex
  • An improvement in erectile function
  • Enhancements in spermatogenesis
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How Does Volume Pills Help?

Understanding the manner in which the supplement delivers the promised effect can help you find out if the respective product is the right one for your needs.

The supplement features a couple of ingredients that enhance testosterone production. This is particularly beneficial for the men who have seen some reduction in their testosterone due to growing older. The primary male hormone plays a very important role in semen and sperm production.

In addition, the supplement features ingredients that improve the health of the most important reproductive organs when it comes to semen production – the prostate, seminal vesicles and the testicles.

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Main Ingredients

The formula relies on the power of various naturals that have been a part of traditional medicine for centuries. A few of the most important active components include the following:

  • Solidin: a herbal extract that’s a source of L-Dopa. The neurotransmitter plays a key role in maintaining sexual health and enhancing performance in men.
  • Ku gua: a herb that helps the body produce more testosterone on its own. Through such an enhancement, ku gua has a positive effect on the male libido, it increases ejaculate volume and also improves the production of sperm cells.
  • Embilica officinalis: a potent source of vitamin C, this one has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. As a result, it can deliver some improvements in terms of strengthening the erectile response.
  • San guo mu: another ingredient that has a positive effect on cardiovascular health.
  • Xi lan rou gui: a herb that strengthens peripheral circulation for more powerful erections.
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Clinical Studies

The manufacturer’s official website features a clinical test that’s supposed to prove the effectiveness of the supplement. The trial, however, doesn’t provide information about the number of participants and whether a placebo-controlled group was utilized. As such, the information doesn’t have academic value but it could be used as a guideline.

According to the results, ejaculate volume can increase up to 500 percent in three months of taking the supplement. Obviously, such claims are a bit far-fetched and the trial should be examined with a grain of salt.

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Editor's Choice

Volume Pills is a popular product that has been around for a long, long, long time. A few of its most important advantages & shortcomings include the following:

  • Natural and safe
  • No prescription required to make a purchase
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial
  • It’s possible to come across genuine positive customer reviews
  • Discounts are available with bulk purchases
  • Free gifts are available with bulk purchases
  • It’s possible to order online, by mail, fax or phone
  • The product is quite overpriced if you opt for a single bottle
  • The clinical study presented on the official website isn’t the most believable one
  • Since the supplement is natural, individual results will vary
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