Colostrum For Male Enhancement? Can A Dairy Product Really Help?

Have you ever heard of colostrum? If you have, you probably know the fact that it’s the first mother’s milk. Incredibly reach in nutrients, it gives newborns everything required for a great start in life.

The nutrient-rich colostrum powder is often featured as an ingredient in various male enhancement pills and other products. Several reasons determine its popularity and this review will examine the most prominent characteristics of the natural product.

What Is Bovine Colostrum?

Colostrum is produced by a mammal in the first few days after giving birth. After that, the production of regular mother’s milk starts.

Colostrum is reach in proteins, growth factors, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals. It also passes some antibodies from mom to baby, helping strengthen the immune system of a newborn. In fact, the level of antibodies in colostrum is approximately 100 times higher than the level in regular milk.

Bovine colostrum has long been used by athletes because of its amazing nutritional properties. It’s recognized for its beneficial effects in terms of muscle building, increasing stamina and speeding up recovery after workouts.

Additionally, bovine colostrum supplements are used by people who want to strengthen their immune system, heal injuries faster, slow down the aging process and enhance their sex lives.

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The Male Enhancement Benefits Of Bovine Colostrum

While it is so rich in nutrients and generally beneficial, can colostrum really do anything for the men interested in improving their sex lives?

As a performance enhancer, colostrum gives more energy and it also increases stamina/endurance. These are definitely characteristics linked to spectacular male sexual performance in the bedroom.

There also seems to be a pretty strong link between colostrum supplementation and growth hormone secretion. One study involving nine male volunteers had them taking bovine colostrum for a period of two weeks.

In comparison to the placebo group, the men who were given bovine colostrum saw a bigger increase in insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) levels.

Growth hormone in adults is linked to more energy, youthfulness and a libido enhancement.

A final study worth mentioning is the one that proves bovine colostrum supplementation prevents testosterone declines in professional athletes who engage in strenuous workout routines.

While more work will have to be done to determine whether colostrum can be used to maintain optimal testosterone levels, the information available right now makes the ingredient appear quite promising.

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Uses, Side Effects And Other Recommendations

Colostrum is found in the composition of various male enhancement supplements, especially the ones that aim to increase growth hormone production.

If you want to experience the best possible results, you should consider taking such a combined product. The manufacturer will provide recommendations pertaining to optimal dosage.

Research suggests that bovine colostrum is perfectly safe for oral supplementation in healthy men. Individuals who are allergic to cow’s milk and dairy products, however, should keep in mind the fact that they will most probably be allergic to colostrum.

Some individuals who have taken large dosages of bovine colostrum have experienced mild side effects, predominantly linked to the functioning of the digestive tract (flatulence, diarrhea and mild nausea).

To make sure your body is tolerating colostrum well, you can start with a small quantity and increase the dosage if you haven’t experienced any side effects.

If you’re taking bovine colostrum in a supplement, chances are that you will not experience problems because the dosage is carefully chosen.

Colostrum use in the range from 20 to 60 grams per day is classified as safe.

As far as interactions with medications go, more research will be required. Currently, clinicians do not have any information about potential interactions between bovine colostrum and pharmaceuticals.

Still, to be on the safe side, you should talk to your doctor if you are taking medications and if you are considering the start of a bovine colostrum supplementation program.

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