Popular Male Enhancement Ingredients: All You Should Know About Maca

Maca comes from the Andes Mountains in Peru and has been used for many different dietary reasons. Maca (Lepidium meyenii), a vegetable “related” to broccoli, has found its way into everything from cookies to liquors.

Maca even makes a nice addition to smoothies. The nutritional value of Maca, however, is not what the root is known best for.

The aphrodisiac benefits of Maca date back many thousands of years. Maca’s reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac is the reason it is found in so many male enhancement products to this very day.

Maca is not a mysterious vegetable, but few know much about it since it grows in only a limited region of the world.

Interesting Benefits From Taking Maca

Research studies conducted into the benefits of Maca has revealed some very interesting points. Dubbed a “super food,” Maca has been connected to supporting prostrate, bone, and even teeth health.

Cognitive function enhancement may be one of the more intriguing benefits some claim Maca provides. Maca has been used as a supplement for people dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome as well as athletes looking for an energy boost.

Again, none of these purported benefits are magical. The body simply reacts when provided with nutrient.

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The Nutritional Components Of Maca

Maca, like so many other vegetables, comes with a multitude of nutrients. As a source for amino acids, Maca truly does shine. There are more than 20 amino acids as well as 20 free-form fatty acids.

The minerals present in Maca are vast. Zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, several B vitamins, and more comprise the litany of nutrients in Maca.

With so many intriguing nutrients, putting a little Maca root powder into a blender with a favorite smoothie recipe might not be a bad idea.

A little realism does need to be understood when taking Maca as a health supplement. Dietary supplements do not deliver miracle cures. Eating Maca and other vegetables does the body good but won’t provide an incredible cure for an ailment.

The male enhancement benefits, however, could prove to be quite intriguing.

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Maca And Male Enhancement

Maca’s reputation as a male enhancement ingredient is well-deserved. There are two main areas in which Maca can help men’s sexual performance: sperm production and sex drive.

Studies show that Maca can increase semen volume, but this won’t occur overnight. The studies indicate taking Maca for four months yielded an increase in semen volume and sperm count.

The study involved taking Maca alone and not with a stack of other ingredients as would be the case when using a male enhancement supplement.

Increased libido – sex drive – might be the most sought after benefit to using Maca. Peruvian folklore mentions stories about Spanish conquistadors discovering the great value of Maca as a libido enhancer.

Whether the tales are true or not is up for debate. Many do profess the value of Maca as a se drive booster.

One thing worth pointing out would be the fact bad diet choices can undermine sperm volume and sex drive. Eliminating food choices that can hurt sexual performance should be a top priority.

Dietary items such as Maca help with male performance, but they can do better when you aren’t undermining yourself with poor food choices.

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A Popular Male Enhancement Ingredient

Male enhancement products combine a great many ingredients inside a stack to create capsules designed to improve performance in several ways.

The presence of Maca may be a plus, a significant plus, in any male enhancement supplement. The supplement does need to be a high-quality one as Maca alone cannot turn a weak supplement into a great one.

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