Popular Male Enhancement Ingredients: All You Should Know About Bioperine

Bioperine wasn’t always found in male enhancement supplements. When Bioperine found its way into some of the top products on the market, manufacturers were quick to herald its inclusion.

Bioperine, essentially, lends an assist to the other ingredients in a supplement through improving absorption.

What Is Bioperine?

Bioperine does not come from a laboratory as it isn’t a synthetic ingredient. Bioperine’s origins are somewhat surprising as it is a derivative of black pepper extract (aka piper nigrum).

Interestingly, Bioperine is a patented extract – the only patented extract to come from piper nigrum.

The piper nigrum plant grows naturally in India and the black pepper extract serves a very common purpose. People use it as a spice in food. The patented extract version known as bioperine boosts the “bioavailability of nutritional compounds.”

What does this mean?

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The Value of Bioperine

Bioperine assists with absorption of nutrients. Vitamin C, selenium, and vitamin B6 are three nutrients that can be better absorbed by the body when a person takes bioperine.

If the nutrients are better absorbed during the metabolic process, then they likely can do the body more good. Less would seemingly be wasted if bioavailability improved.

One thing customers of male enhancement products worry about is whether the supplement they purchase will work as expected.

The presence of bioperine in the ingredient stack may boost the confidence levels of those customers. Ingredients could go to work better in the system when helped by bioperine.

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The Historical Health Benefits Of Bioperine

In bioperine’s original form of piper nigrum, people used the plant and its fruit to address a host of common maladies. This was done for many thousands of years.

Joint pain, muscle spasms, and even bronchitis were treated with piper nigrum. Today, modern medicines provide alternatives for treatment but people still like to take the natural herbal supplements made with or contraining poper nigrum/bioperine.

All of these things may sound good for someone looking to purchase a dietary health supplement. For men interested in products that promote sexual health and performance, a bit of confusion may exist.

Why do the male enhancement supplement makers seem so committed to adding bioperine to their products’ ingredient stacks?

After all, bioperine doesn’t directly boost erection strength or size. True, while bioperine won’t “directly” create results there are “indirect” benefits to the inclusion of bioperine.

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The Increase In Absorption

After taking male enhancement pills, the ingredients in the capsules must be digested. The metabolism then takes over and puts valuable ingredients to use.

Bioperine aids the absorption of these ingredients thanks to its bioavailability enhancement abilities. Again, bioperine may not directly support stronger erections but it can help and ingredient that can do so.

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Bioperine: Value and Limitations

The absence of bioperine in a male enhancement supplement does not automatically mean the product won’t work.

However, the chances that the ingredient stack can be more effective should logically increase when bioperine has been added to the mix. Again, effectiveness is what men want out of any enhancement product they purchase.

The logic works two ways. Bioperine alone cannot make a low-grade male enhancement product more effective or valuable.

Adding bioperine to a terrible product simply means the product remains terrible and has a popular bio-enhancement ingredient inside its capsules.

Looking over the ingredient stack of a male enhancement product definitely is a good consumer move, but also look at reviews and testimonials of the product. For example – one of the top male enhancement pills with Bioperine that you can buy as of 2019 is called VigRX Plus.

Several factors do go into whether or not a male enhancement capsule delivers on expectations. And yes, individual results are going to vary even when bioperine has been added to the mix.

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