Everything You Need To Know About Micropenis But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Are you worried that you may be suffering from a condition known as micropenis? The truth of the matter is that the condition is quite rare. What’s more likely is that you’re on the lower end of the normal spectrum.

Still, concerns about micropenis could be having a massive negative impact on your self-confidence.

What is micropenis? What is it caused by? How can you overcome the issue? These and other important questions will be tackled in this article.

What Is Micropenis?

Micropenis or microphallus is a medical condition. Medics measure the length of the penis to determine whether the condition is present. An erect penis that measures 2.5 standard deviations from mean penis size or more is classified as micropenis.

This means that an adult man who has an erect penis measuring in length less than 2 ¾ inches can be diagnosed with micropenis.

The condition is exceptionally rare. According to medical journals, it occurs in solely 0.6 percent of the world’s male population.

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Main Cause

There is some evidence that reduced androgen production prior to the birth of a boy is the primary contributing factor to micropenis.

A few other causes could be to blame but these occur even more rarely than prenatal hormone abnormalities:

  • Abnormal testicular development
  • Testosterone synthesis defects
  • Growth hormone deficiencies
  • Klinefelter syndrome
  • Leydig cell hypoplasia

When a mother undergoes estrogen therapy prior to the birth of the baby, the risk of micropenis increases, as well. Usually, such exposure occurs through fertility therapy when drugs like DES have been used.

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Problems Stemming From Micropenis

Most guys who worry about the size of their penis shouldn’t be concerned. Even a smaller penis can function normally, give their partner pleasure and eventually help for the conception of a child.

Men who suffer from micropenis, however, have to struggle with an array of additional problems stemming from the condition.

For a start, a penis that is way too small could make it impossible to have sex altogether. In such instances, fathering a child will also be difficult without the use of assisted reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization.

Men who suffer from micropenis could also experience urination difficulties and psychological issues like anxiety and depression.

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Possible Treatment Options

Even if you have micropenis, there are things that you can do about it.

Urologists recommend the use of testosterone replacement therapy whenever micropenis is caused by a testosterone issue. Depending on the administration of the therapy and the age at which it starts, testosterone replacement could potentially lead to the normal development of the penile tissue during puberty.

Surgeries called phalloplasty may also be utilized to address the issue in grown men. If you are considering surgery, however, you should be aware of the numerous risks that stem from it.

Cosmetic surgery for penis enhancement could cause infections, scarring, loss of penile sensitivity and even erectile dysfunction.

Always talk to an experienced urologist before opting for one solution or another. Your doctor will do a thorough health assessment to figure out if the treatment that you’re interested in is a suitable option.

Regardless of the therapeutic approach that you opt for, you may want to get some support through the use of natural techniques. The best ones include the use of male enhancement supplements and exercises.

Products like VigRX Plus improve the circulation to the penile tissue and as such, they can help for bigger and harder erections. While the effect will often be insufficient to overcome micropenis, it could potentially enable a guy who has the condition to participate in penetrative sex.

Male enhancement exercises are another great form of supportive therapy. Most of them involve stretching of the penis. The use of traction causes micro-tears in the penile tissue.

A repair process is launched and cells begin to replicate. This cell division helps for the creation of new tissue and could eventually lead to a small increase in the length of the penis.

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