The Best Amino Acids For Male Enhancement – Presenting L-Valine

Amino acids provide the body with essentials that it needs to be healthy and strong. The building blocks of protein, however, aren’t created equal. Certain amino acids play a range of important roles in the body, which makes them invaluable.

L-valine is one such amino acid. You’ll find it in the composition of many products for bodybuilders, as well as male enhancement supplements.

L-valine brings an array of health benefits to the table and it’s also one of the keys to achieving a stellar physical shape.

A Quick L-Valine Overview

L-valine is an essential amino acid. This means that it can’t be made by the human body and it should be supplied either from food or in the form of a supplement. It is a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) together with l-leucine and l-isoleucine.

In foods, l-valine is found in various types of grains, dairy, meat, peanuts and soy products. Men need large quantities of it because l-valine plays an important role in bringing energy to the muscles, maximizing endurance and speeding up the recovery after intense exercise sessions.

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L-Valine And Male Enhancement

As already mentioned, l-valine plays a role in bulking up and achieving an optimal physical shape. It gives the muscles important nutrients and it acts as a source of energy.

These are the main reasons why anyone who is working out should consider l-valine supplementation or getting more from the amino acid in the form of healthy foods.

The manner in which amino acids affect physical fitness is well-understood. New research, however, suggests that their benefits for men could go beyond building bigger muscles.

Some new research suggests that specific amino acids play a role in male virility and libido.

Amino acids like l-valine regulate nitrogen levels in the body. Thus, men who are seeking sexual enhancement could potentially see improvements in their stamina, ability to sustain an erection and last longer in bed.

The effect is especially pronounced whenever l-valine is taken in combination with other amino acids like l-arginine and l-ornithine. As far as enhancement goes, l-arginine is hands-down the most important component in the group.

As you can see, l-valine isn’t an optimal ingredient for male enhancement. It doesn’t have pronounced effects apart from its ability to speed up muscle building. If you are into fitness and you want bigger muscles, l-valine is definitely the right option for you.

If you want to improve your performance in the bedroom, consider taking l-valine in a supplement that features an array of other male enhancement natural extracts.

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Other Health Benefits

While it’s not a “wow” ingredient as far as male enhancement is concerned, l-valine can help improve health in several other great ways.

People who consume larger quantities of alcohol need sufficient amounts of l-valine in their system. The amino acid can correct some of the severe nutritional deficiencies that result from alcoholism and even from drug abuse.

L-valine also strengthens the functioning of the immune system, it reduces nervousness and acts as a mood enhancer, speeds up brain function and prevents cognitive decline, reduces the effects of stress and cortisol, acts as a powerful appetite suppressant and can be used as a natural remedy for insomnia and sleep disorders.

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Do You Need To Take L-Valine In The Form Of Supplement?

Just like other amino acids, l-valine is found in various kinds of foods. Your diet and the activities that you are engaged in will be determining for your l-valine supplementation need.

Active athletes, bodybuilders and people who work out multiple times per week cannot meet their body’s l-valine needs through food consumption. In such instances, the selection of a high quality supplement will be required.

An adult male needs 10 milligrams of valine per kilogram of body weight. Try to do the calculation on your own and you may also want to keep a food diary.

Based on this information, you can determine whether you’re consuming enough of the amino acid and if you should start looking for a good male enhancement supplement that contains l-valine.

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