Popular Male Enhancement Exercises In Detail: Jelqing

Male enhancement takes many firms. Most men, when asked to describe male enhancement exercises, they mention stretching routines designed to increase the length of the penis.

Increasing length can be worth the time and effort, but there is another approach to enhancement men can explore: increasing girth. In order to increase the thickness of the penis, appropriate exercises must be performed. Jelqing exercises provide a means in which men gain the desired girth.

Jelqing exercises are not difficult to perform. With a basic understanding of proper technique and with consistent effort, the exercises may deliver the natural solution to concerned about inadequate girth.

Why Should Men Look Into Jelquing?

Surgical procedures exist in which girth can be increased, but the procedures are somewhat problematic. Transferring fat from one area of the body to the penis is the common means thickening surgeries are performed.

In addition to the potential for the fat to dissolve, the thickening isn’t exactly always even. A lot of complaints have been logged about surgical methods to improving girth.

Jelqing employs a simple method of increasing girth and surgery isn’t part of the mix. Jelqing entails using “squeezing exercises” to increase the chambers of the penis.

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What Are The Chamber Of The Penis?

The corpora cavernosa are chambers in the penis shaped like cylinders. The tissue making up the corpora cavernosa has been referred to being like a sponge.

This description is a fairly accurate one. The chambers fill with blood in a manner not too different from a sponge. An obvious difference is the penis becomes rigid when filled with blood.

The chambers of the penis are, essentially, what makes having a firm erection possible. The chambers are limited in the amount of blood they can hold since they are only so big.

Increasing the size of the chambers means they become capable of holding more blood. The combination of increasing the volume of the chambers and the ability to hold more blood can lead to expanding girth.

This is where jelqing exercises come into play.

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How Do Jelqing Exercises Work?

Jelqing refers to the male enhancement exercises designed to increase the size of the corpora cavernosa.

Jelqing is a stroking exercise. So, before performing any jelqing exercises, the penis must be lubricated. Any number of different lubricants would be fine.

The penis cannot be completely flaccid when jelqing. Achieving around a 50% erection would be beneficial. A full erection, however, is definitely not advisable. Jelqing with a full erection could potentially cause an injury.

The way a basic jelqing exercise works is fairly simple. An “okay sign” is made with the thumb and forefinger. Grip the penis as the base and stroke forward to the head of the penis.

This forces blood in the penis chambers to cause an expansion. Again, expanding the chambers of the penis allows them to hold more blood and deliver increased thickness.

This overview of jelqing is basic and designed just to provide a description of how the exercise works. Detailed instructions about how to perform jelqing exercises can be found online.

Videos may provide the best possible method of describing how to effectively and safely jelq.

That is one reason why so many male enhancement supplements provide DVDs as part of a purchase package. Jelqing exercises help improve the potential results from taking supplements designed to increase blood flow to the penis.

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Proper Performance Is Critical

In addition to providing instruction on variations of traditional jelqing, well-crafted manuals or videos explain safe performance and equally safe daily/weekly exercise routines.

Increasing penis girth shouldn’t come at the expense of causing injury. Quality instruction cuts down on the chances of any injuries.

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